Monday, August 8, 2011

Garden Harvests - August 8th

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Here are my harvests for the week.  I got my first tomato, a few jalapenos, and my second set of peaches and cream corn.
Harvesting corn never gets old, I just love it.  Here are more pics.

Two jalapenos, I need many more so I can make jalapeno poppers.

My very first tomato ever, this is a Roma paste tomato.

I am picking purple hull peas every night, this is my third bag this season
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Ed said...

It's good to see you've gotten your first tomato. The first one of the season is always special. Your corn looks great, I wish I had the room to try growing some.

Annie's Granny said...

Enough with the corn pictures, Kris. My stomach is growling! There's nothing I like better than fresh, sweet corn on the cob.

Kris said...

Ed - You should give growing corn a try. You can plant corn in raised beds and have pretty good luck with it. As far as the tomato, I am not sure what to do with it since it is so small.

Granny - I know and I am sorry, but now you know how I feel when I look at your rasberry and strawberry pictures. My wife just asked me if I could grow some strawberries to make strawberry jelly. I said I don't know, but maybe if you pay off Granny she will send you some.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

I like the looks of those Peas, I'm salivating for them I used to pick them in NJ
but haven't found anyplace here in NC..I have to buy them frozen..

Kris said...

Gingerbread - Are you wanting to grow them or someplace to pick them fresh? I have some contacts if you are wanting to grow them. Let me know.

Barbara said...

Ed - I've got ~15 stalks of corn growing in a 31-gal rubbermaid tub and may get to pick the first of it today.

Kris - strawberries are easy...I have 7 hanging baskets full and we were swimming in berries for a while. My boys just loving grabbing a few every time they walk by. Made some low-sugar strawberry banana freezer jam and it's SOOOO good. Tastes just like fresh berries!

Kris said...

Barbara - That sounds awesome! I may have to try growing some strawberries next season. I love making strawberry short cakes with with whip cream.