Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day Garden Gifts

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My daughter is five and she has been so excited to give me my father's day presents.  All week you could tell it was killing her to keep the secret of what she got me.  So finally tonight before bed she asked again, "Daddy, are you sure you don't want to know what I got you for father's day?"  How could I resist, sure I told her.

I was so amazed and touched by how simple and thoughtful her gifts were.  Almost all of them were things she knew I could use in the garden.  It reminded me how thoughtful and genuine children are.

My favorite gift is a butterfly garden decoration, it is one of those metal ones that looks cool when it spins around.  She got me a couple packs of pumpkin seeds because she knew I would like seeds and she knew I didn't have pumpkins.  She also got me a veggie tales gardening pack complete with garden tools and a new pair of gardening gloves. Last but not least, she got me an angry bird stuffed animal.

While writing this blog post, my mind wandered thinking about the memories of the last five years.  I can't believe how fast she has grown up and that she is getting ready to start kindergarten in a few months.  It seems like yesterday she was 3 and we were starting our first garden together.

I know there are a lot of father/daughter songs that have been written about the bond of a father and daughter, but the one that gets me every time is Tim McGraw's "My Little Girl."  That song was on the radio right after my daughter was born and maybe that is why I like it so much.  I have included it below along with pictures of my father's day gifts.......I love you baby girl.




Jenny said...

awww so sweet of her :) sounds like you have very good little girl growing up who will be your great helper in the garden!

Annie*s Granny said...

That is so sweet and so touching. Bless you and your lovely family, and have a wonderful day tomorrow....and forever!

Tomato Thymes said...

That is so sweet and what a great memory this has created.

Crafty Cristy said...

Awesome, thoughtful gifts. Happy Father's Day. Isn't it a blessing to be a parent?

GrafixMuse said...

How sweet! It's so funny that she was so excited and couldn't wait to give you your gifts. Happy Father's Day.

Kris said...

Jenny - She is sweet, when she wants to be. :)

Granny - Thank you, that is so nice of you to say.

Lisa - Thanks.

Cristy - Yes it is, drives me nuts being in a house with three girls sometimes, but it is the best.

Grafix - Thank you, it was a good day.

Crafty Cristy said...

LOL, Kris. Just wait until they get older. I grew up with 2 sisters. It was hard on my dad when we got to be teenagers. Very emotional. That's when it pays to have a hobby. :)

Kris said...

Cristy - I am already preparing myself mentally for the teen years. I anticipate many hours spent out of the house and in my garden during that time. :)