Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Garden Update - June 20, 2012

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It has been over a month since my last full garden update, therefore I have a lot of pictures and a lot of progress in the garden to report.  

Here is an overall picture of the raised bed garden area.

Bed Number 1 
We will start with tomatoes, here are four of my nine tomato plants.  All of my tomatoes are doing pretty good except my Romas. They have some kind of worm that is boring a hole inside them.  It is a small worm that looks kind of like a mill worm.  I have had to pull about a dozen tomatoes and I am going to spray my plants with Sevin.  This will be the first time this year I have had to resort to chemicals.  I am not 100% organic, but I try to limit my use of pesticides.

Here is a close up of one of the other varieties, I think this is a Better Boy plant.
 Bed Number 2
Here I have two more tomato plants and I had two squash plants.  I had to pull the squash plants this week because they were eaten up with SVBs.  I haven't decided what to put in those two empty squares yet.

Bed Number 3
This was my lettuce and spinach bed.  I cleaned it out this week and planted some Silver Queen Corn.  I am curious to see how much corn I can squeeze out of this 4x4 foot bed.  Those are my two habanero plants in the background.

Bed Number 4
This is my bell pepper and eggplant bed.  I have been impressed with how well these are doing so far.  The eggplants are like trees they are so big.  The bell peppers are loaded with peppers too.

Here is a close up from one of the bell peppers.
I have four of these California Bell Pepper plants.

 Here is a close up of a nice eggplant.
I also have four of these Black Beauty eggplants.

 Bed Number 5
These are my butter beans and man do these things grow fast.  This variety is called Cangreen Lima and it is a bush variety.  These were barely germinating less than a month ago and now look at them.  They are just starting to flower.

Bed Number 6
Here are my last 8 squash plants.  They are pretty much done and beaten up, between the SVBs in their stems and the powdery mildew that covers their leaves I am surprised they are still producing at all.  

Here is a shot of my corn and peas in my traditional garden.  My WEED FREE traditional garden.  I spent a lot of time last week in between that corn to get all the weeds out.  This second batch of corn will be ready for harvest in about 10 days.  Hopefully the weeding will pay off when I am ready to replant.

Here are my zipper cream peas that are planted next to the corn.  You can barely see them, but there are six rows of peas.  I will say the germination rate on these zipper creams was awful.  I have huge gaps in the rows and manually filled in the gaps this week.  I hope those germinate so I can have nice full rows of peas.  I don't know if the seed was bad or what but I was disappointed.  The seeds were packaged for 2011 so who knows.

Last but not least, my peppers in the coca cola planter, jalapenos and Hungarian wax peppers.  These have struggled and been very slow to grow.  The leaves were yellow and not very green.  I hit them with some nitrogen fertilzer and they have started to perk up and look beter.


Jenny said...

very nice! looks like everything is growing just perfectly. those bell peppers and eggplants look wonderful!

Crafty Cristy said...

I love your garden overviews. How many total square feet do you have in your raised beds?

My eggplants look like trees this year, too. It must be a good year for eggplants. :)

Peggi said...

Try BT or Dipel for the worms. It is a bacteria that makes the worms stop eating. It only affects the worms, not people or animals. I used it for horn worms and it worked wonders. I use the liquid version but they also have dust.

Annie*s Granny said...

Very nice, and I love your weedless bed. I'm a weedless type person, but I'm afraid the dreaded Bermuda grass is taking over my corn patch.

Kris said...

Jenny - Thanks.

Cristy - I have three 4x8's and three 4x4's for total of 144 square feet.

Peggi - I sprayed them last night with liquid Sevin, but if that doesn't do the trick I will try the BT or dipel. Thanks for the tip.

Granny - It is always a battle in that area because it is so big. In the future I plan to put weed fabric in between each row to prevent the weeds from getting out of control.

The Ebullient Gardener said...

Your garden looks great! I would try BT as well. A container of it goes a long way if you by the type you just add to a spray bottle with water! I have had luck with it so far this year! Happy Gardening! Mindy

barbee said...

I am very impressed with your garden. Beauty AND function.

If it's okay with you-I'd like to become a 'regular' here.
Thanks. barbee

Kris said...

Barbee - Thanks and that sounds fine to me. :)

Ed said...

kris, everything looks great. Will you be planting another round of squash? I don't plant mine till after July 1 as the borers are pretty much finished by then.

Crafty Cristy said...

Thanks for letting me know how many square feet you have in your raised beds. I have been thinking about garden expansion for next year, and now I know I need more. I have a total of 80 square feet.

Kris said...

Mindy - Thanks for the tip on the BT also, you have a very nice looking garden. Thanks for stopping by.

Ed - Thank you, I was going to plant my zucchini in August. I didn't want to plant zukes and yellow squash together for fear of cross pollination. I am probably done with planting yellow squash though.

Cristy - No problem, I am happy with my six beds and it is manageable. It my traditional gardening area that it is hard to keep a handle on the weeds maintenance.