Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Garden Harvests - June 27, 2012

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It was a great week of harvests from the garden.  I have finally started harvesting tomatoes, bell peppers, and eggplants.  It was a nice change of pace from the usual squash harvests.  Speaking of squash, they are hanging by a thread and I will pull the last of the plants this weekend.  I had my second big corn harvest this week too, so my harvest totals shot up pretty good.  I am over 150 pounds for the year and climbing.  

We are still in a severe drought where I live in Georgia with no rain in site.  Many parts of the state have been helped with the tropical storms that have passed through but none of it reached us, praying for rain. 

Squash, Bell Peppers, and Tomatoes
I have been picking my tomatoes at this stage and letting them finish ripening inside.  I am afraid of them getting messed up by animals or bugs.  That green one fell off the plant while picking the others.

Eggplant #1 weighed 1.24 pounds

Eggplant #2, this one was long and slim.

Eggplant #3, this one weighed 1.44 pounds and was beautiful.
The color, shape, and size were picture perfect.

Corn harvested this week

Brings the total to 85 pounds for the year

 Here are a few ears I plucked during the week and they went 
straight to a pot of boiling water.  The taste was spectacular.

Here is the current drought monitor for Georgia.
It is much better overall, but I live in that band of red crossing the state.


Jenny said...

Beautiful harvest! Corn and eggplants are gorgeous, and too bad tomatoes didn't get a chance to ripen on vine-they'd be sweeter. But at least this way you get to eat them and not the bugs.

GrafixMuse said...

Wow! The peppers and tomatoes look wonderful. I pluck my tomatoes early and let them ripen on the kitchen counter for the same reason. It saves them from insect and rodent damage. Your eggplants are beautiful and of course the corn harvest is impressive. I do hope that you see some rain soon. It's too bad we cant share rain. We have had quite a bit lately.

barbee said...

Dang! I have a lot to learn from you-that is awesome! My eggplant refused to even germinate. Peppers just now showing buds and lost all my tomatoes to blight and mites. (double whammy)
All I got this week are purple hull peas, early butternut squash and a mini cantalope. eh-not so good.

You Zone 8, right?
Signed: A willing and eager student.

barbee said...

P.S. Eggplant #2 looks like she's wearing a crown....did she win that in a beauty pageant?


Kris said...

Jenny - Thanks, the tomatoes have been great on sandwiches. The bugs are still getting their fair share, but they are leaving me a few. :)

Grafix - Thank you, I just seem to be unlucky with rain this year. It seems to rain all around me. Garden is doing pretty good considering, but would probably be better with some real rain.

Barbee - I wish I could take some credit for my eggplant, but the only thing I do is plant the standard black beauty variety which is the most common. The eggplant with the crown is weird because of the four plants that I have one of them looks different. Its leaves are purple, dark purple even and the fruits are long and slim, so I guess that is why the stem on that one is purple looking. I don't know why that is different because all my plants are from the same seed packet.

That is awesome that you got some purple hulls. I just planted mine last week and they have germinated. Hopefully I will be shelling peas in August. Yes I am in zone 8, middle Georgia on the border with Alabama.

Crafty Cristy said...

I love the eggplants. Maybe one of your eggplants look different because the seed got crossed somehow before you bought it. Keep an eye on the plant that produces the eggplants that look different. If they all look that way, that seed was crossed. (It won't matter much, unless you were planning to save seeds. It's just fun knowledge as to the why.)

How could the rains have missed you? I thought you were certainly getting rains from Debbie. (We didn't get any rains either, just 25 -35 mph winds that pretty much killed my cucumbers.) I am sorry about the drought. I hope you get some garden rain soon.

Kris said...

Cristy I think you are right about the seed was crossed on one of my eggplants. We are just a little too far north that we didn't get a single drop of rain in three weeks. Tomorrow and Saturday the temps are supposed to be over one hundred. What can you do except make the best of it?

Ed said...

Yout harvest looks great! Congrats on the eggplants. I gave them up this year as I always lost the battle with the flea bettles.

We are just starting our dry season now, for the next two months, nothing but the occasional thunderstorm.

Kris said...

Thanks Ed, you guys had enough rain earlier in the Spring so you need to dry out.

It has rained three times since March at my house.