Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mailbox Flowers Update - Zinnias and Our First Sunflower

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This year we planted white zinnias and sunflowers around our mail box.  An odd combination for sure, but I promised my daughter the biggest and tallest flowers and giant sunflowers fit the bill.

Well this week we got our first sunflower, it is over 8 feet tall with a bloom a foot wide.  It is a show piece, and I do get a lot of comments from people when they walk through the neighborhood.  They ask why did you plant those around your mailbox when they grow so big, and I say why not?

My daughter is so excited about this beauty
This was the first day it opened

Here is the flower a few days later.
You can see the center starting to fill in.

The poor zinnias really don't have a chance 
competing with these huge sunflowers.

There are still some beautiful zinnias though.
This is the best so far, nice and puffy.


Jenny said...

now that is trully beautiful!

Bernadine said...

I love the sunflowers around the mailbox. What a special thing to do for your daughter. Will you leave it up for the birds to get the seed heads? I planted sunflower seeds but I put them in the wrong place and they are scraggly. I want to create several beds just for sunflowers in order to attract birds.

Barbee said...

Here's to hoping the bees don't frighten your letter carrier. LOL

Gorgeous! Too bad zinnias don't love me. They are one of my favorites.

Kris said...

Jenny - Thanks, it is nice to see when pulling in the driveway.

Bernadine - Yes, I am going to leave them there as long as they look decent.

Barbee - Yeah, the mail man pulls up to my house and is probably like what in the world.

Ed said...

The sunflowers look great. I have had only a few germinate this year, most of the seed has rotted.

I'm a huge zinnia fan, and that flowers is awesome.

Kris said...

Thanks Ed.

rockriverstitches said...

Wow! That is one beautiful sunflower! I have just one sunflower growing, from birdseed that a chipmunk buried.


Kris said...

Thank you Tammy! Mine are struggling right now from the drought.