Monday, June 18, 2012

Garden Harvests - June 18, 2012

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This week brought some variety to my garden harvests.  I harvested the first tomatoes, eggplant, bell pepper, and jalapenos of the year.  The last of the lettuce was harvested and the squash plants have slowed down.  The SVBs have taken out two of my squash plants and the eight remaining plants are covered in powdery mildew.  I am almost to my 30 pound goal of squash put away in the freezer.  I was hoping for more since I had 10 plants, but what can you do.

Squash, tomatoes, and eggplant
I forgot to take a picture of the bell pepper and jalapenos

Last lettuce of the of spring


Jenny said...

Very nice! we're still a long way from picking tomatoes or eggplants here.

Kris said...

Thanks Jenny, you will catch up and pass me when my garden is tired of the Georgia heat.

Farm Girl said...

Hello Kris, Your sunflowers are great!! I am so glad you got such nice ones and before I had a garden, mine were always planted out by my mailbox.
I loved all of your sweet Father Day gifts. Yes, they all grow up so fast. I am glad you garden together.
Your garden is doing so good.
You asked in my comment today where I live? I am in the Central Valley of California. We get lots of heat.
My pumpkins love it and so does the corn. I can see them growing each day.
Did you see my blurb about the sunflower seeds? Just Burpee seeds from the grocery store.
I haven't had a single problem with my computer today, I just haven't turned it off. :)
Have a great week.

barbee said...

Sorry about the SVB's I had the same problem w/ both my winter and summer squash last month.
I yanked out the plants (bagged and trashed) and then re-seeded. They are alredy sending me male flowers and females are soon to follow.
Is it too late for you to do the same?

P.S. Love the blog, thanks!

Kris said...

Farm Girl - I didn't realize it got that hot in central valley of California. I knew it did in the southern desert part, but not where you are. Thanks for the update on the seeds.

Barbee - I could replant, but I probably won't. My goal was to put away 30 pounds and I am almost there so I will probably yank them and plant something else. I just expected so much more. Last year I only had 4 plants and got 26 pounds, this year I planted 10 plants and will barely get 30 pounds. I guess more plants doesn't always equal more harvest, just more for the SVB's to get into.

Kris said...

Barbee I forgot to say thanks for the kind words about my blog.

barbee said...

Thanks for the reply, Kris, that makes sense.
I was taught to 'bag and trash' the vines ASAP before the grubs drop into the soil to pupate into next year's plague. Hope that helps...

...and can't wait to see what you plant next!

What zone are you? I'm 8. Thanks

Kris said...

barbee - Yeah, that makes sense too. I am also in zone 8, are you in Georgia or somewhere else?